fashionable filtration masks


Creative Director


Branding and Identity


March 2016

About the Project

Oxypure required the development of a brand and identity for their fashionable filtration masks. The masks filter a high level of particles so the technical aspect of the masks and its benefits needed to be portrayed as well as keeping it light, fun and on-trend. They also need to be fashionable and desirable to its consumers who are of all ages, from newborn through to retirement.

I started by undertaking research in the sector until we began to understand the vision, goals and brand personality for the company. Once completed I started to create logo concepts, refining them until the client was 100% happy. I then began to build out the identity by creating icons, photographic style and brand extensions – the purpose to form a visual language around the logo — one that compliments the design and offers a family of useful, flexible elements that will help to design marketing materials.

The final style guidelines contain and prescribe the logo usage rules, typeface, color palette, layout guidelines, and more. The aim of this is to ensure the look and voice of the company remain across all future marketing.